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Zaatar, tomato and spring onions miniouché

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

There is nothing like the smell of manouché in the morning!

Zaatar mix ingredients:

About Thyme's No7 Classic Zaatar spread


Spring onions

Dough ingredients:

500g flour

7g yeast

1 1/2 teaspoon caster sugar

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons olive oil

300ml hand-warm water


Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a big bowl. Using your fingertips rub in the olive oil. Mix in the water, knead for 1 minutes. Take out the dough, grease the mixing bowl with olive oil. Put the dough back in, cover with a clean towel and leave to rise until it has doubled in size - about an hour.

Shaping: knock back the dough by gently kneading just 5 times to get the air out, and cover the dough again and leave to prove until double in size again.

Let the dough sit at room temperature about 15 minutes before rolling. Sprinkle the work surface lightly and evenly with a little flour. Rub the rolling pin with flour as well. Begin to roll the dough, adding more flour to keep the dough from sticking. Use a cup or small bowl to cut the dough into desired small circles.

Transfer the dough circles to a greased baking tray and spread the Zaatar, tomato and onion mix over and lightly tap the mix with your fingertips into the dough.

Bake for approximately 10 -15 min at 150 degree or until very lightly golden.

Finally, try to resist eating them before they cool down and Bonne appetit!

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