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Zaatar… just as nature intended

Our ethos is to produce a delicious, totally natural product whilst leaving the lightest possible environmental footprint.

The wild thyme we use grows organically, free from manmade chemicals. Nourished by nutrients from unprocessed soils and watered by springs and rainfall, it owes its full, pure flavour to glorious nature.

Zaatar, about thyme harvest, TheMixpot

You might not expect it from thyme’s delicate and sophisticated palette of flavours, but it thrives in deeply inhospitable terrain.

It is therefore a vital local crop and much needed source of income for the rural communities who painstakingly harvest it sprig by sprig.

Every pot of our Zaatar captures the full flavour of this wonderful herb in all its natural glory. And it is not only your taste buds that you are treating: every bite is also a health-boost for body and soul. The medicinal value of thyme has been celebrated for thousands of years. With one of the highest antioxidant concentrations of any herb, it contains nutrients fêted for disease-preventing and wellbeing properties.

So, next time you sprinkle our Zaatar over your roast meat or fish, you can freely enjoy its pungently delicious flavours with a clean conscience.

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