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Olive at first sight: When About Thyme met Olivocracy

Updated: May 1, 2019

Some tastes just belong together: cheese and olives, bacon and eggs, fish and lemon, sweet and sour. So, it was a match made in food heaven when we decided to mix About Thyme’s Vintage Zaatar spread with Olivocracy’s # two.

Within sight of the hallowed dome of Saint Paul’s in London, I met Eleonora and Daniele, owners of Olivocracy, an award-winning biodynamic and organic oil company from Umbria, the ‘green heart’ of Italy.

We instantly bonded over our love of Mediterranean food and shared heritage of herbs and olive oil. For us, eating is almost a religious experience, worthy of our time and energy and always requiring the highest quality ingredients. We all support those who share our passion - from our trusted butcher to farmers’ markets with their fresh, seasonal produce.

Our businesses are the happy products of a natural flow of culinary pleasures handed down through generations and shared with friends, not creations hewn from hard-headed, calculated marketing strategies.

Like all the best food combinations, taking the deeply aromatic flavour of About Thyme’s Vintage Zaatar and fusing with the bold intensity of Olivocracy’s #two, at once enhances the best elements of both and elevates them to a whole new level – some might say, divine.

Discover for yourself the headily romantic, heavenly taste of our collaboration…

More on Olivocracy, visit their website.

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